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Evil Notch Lib

Config Dungeons Mobs

Config dungeons mobs weights
Add nbt custom entries like powered creepers see faq for how to do it
Define Dungeons based on EntityId and get a whole new list to configure
Dimension and Biome Specific lists that you define per dungeon and override the current one for the biome/dimension.

Supported Mods:
Battle Towers Supported
Recurrent Complex(You must set the id of the mob to the resource location defined by the user in order for it to work) Note: you might have to set chunk scan radius for the overworld to 1-2 depending on your structure.
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Goes Good with silkspawners to mine spawner

Api-Modders(easy to use):

to get started you first need to tell dungeon tweaks your dungeon. where true/false is enabled dungeon by default
DungeonMobs.addDefinition(new ResourceLocation("battletowers:cobblestone"), true/false);

Next you can define your default weights that users can later override in the config by mobs like so. Note that there are also versions which you can use nbt for as well.
DungeonMobs.addDungeonMob(DungeonMobs.mansion, new ResourceLocation("minecraft:spider"), 150);

Then in your worldgen when it fires simple tell dungeon tweaks to fire itself.
DungeonMobs.fireDungeonTweaks(DungeonMobs.dungeon, tileentity, rand, worldIn);

What is a DungeonLocation?: it is a resource location with additional data such as anydimension, specific dimension, or specific biome applied to it. All other questions should be self answered browsing the source code which is only a couple classes

There is an alternate way of adding dungeon tweaks support without dependencies or reflection but, is depreciated. You need to have your spawner when populating be equal to the dungeon resource location users specify and if you don't want users inputting that location you can use reflection to add the dungeon definition from step one.


#Dungeon tweaks
"minecraft:creeper" = 20

all lines are resource location mob id. Then you can append the nbt before the equals sign if you wish. After the equal sign you put the weight.

Add nbt entry:
"minecraft:spider" {Passengers:[{id:skeleton} ] } = 20

Add multi index spawner entry:
"minecraft:blank" {SpawnData:{id:creeper},SpawnPotentials:[{Weight:1,Entity:{id:creeper}  } ,{Weight:1,Entity:{id:zombie}  }] }

this is recommended to write the entry into custom.txt for your dungeon. This entry will have your spawner spawn a creeper, and then have a chance of changing between a creeper or a zombie.

all config files when turned on will validate the mob ids. if your using an advanced nbt entry you may use "minecraft:blank { } = weight"

start with "#" before a line or directly above one. They can also start at the header or footer of the file. Also can be directly after the line as an attached comment.

the weight is the value which the line holds. The greater the number the more common it is

Question: do I need to put the quotes?
Answer:no unless it contains special parsing characters or you have an outdated version of dungeon tweaks < 1.2.5.

Definitions: definitions are user defined dungeons. Definitions are defined at the global regular forge config under the dungeon tweaks folder.

The format is "modid:dungeon" <dim/biome> = true/false

the meta data after the dungoen id is optional. If it's an integer <1> it will be a dimension. If it's a string <"1"> it will try to be a biome id however biomes in 1.12 now use resource location so this isn't proper. For biomes use <minecraft:plains> as a biome for example. Quotes are not required if it's a string and not a number.

use /dungeonTweaksReload to reload and add your new definition of a dungeon. Notice the weights will be 0 because nothing in coded registry setup for dim/biome specific ones unless you have some sort of dungeon tweaks addon. This is normal just config what you want or copy and paste from another dungeon files if you wish. Also you might need to notify the user to up the chunk radius from 0-1 to 1-2. This is how I added support for all of the vanilla structures that were not the dungeon from chunk scanning.

Q: how to add basic mob
A: set weight in configs to above 0 make sure it's the right dungeon folder first
Q: how to add nbt entry
A: go to the modid file the mob belongs to and add it in this format "modid:mobid" { }  = weight
Q:does this mod replace structures I am worried that it's going to be incompatible with xmod:
A:Yes but, only the main dungeon for 1.12.2 the rest has a chunk scanner
Q:why does non living entities not spawn
A: vanilla spawner logic there is a way to get around this using nbt and spawn potentials but, it's complicated
Q: why isn't dungeon tweeks always working for my custom definitions
A: what is your chunk scanning radius if 0-1 set to 1-2 if it still occurs report it as an issue to my github but, I already tested this it should never occur if structures spawn in the way they are suppose to in 1.10.2+


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