Drogtor the Nickinator

Drogtor is in feature freeze and has been obsoleted by the PlaceholderAPI ecosystem, including Styled Nicknames. It was created in early 1.16 when alternatives were not readily available. All of the mods in the PlaceholderAPI ecosystem massively outdo Drogtor in every way imaginable, and mods that previously were Drogtor-exclusive have been receiving ports to use PlaceholderAPI mods instead.

It additionally has multiple bugs when combined with other mods that modify player names and associated data, such as the "Modder Modder" bug at ModFest: Singularity, and is incompatible with chat signing. It was designed in a vacuum to be used alone.


A port to 1.19.3 or 1.20 will not be released unless someone opens a PR for it again.


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Fabric version requires Fabric API.


It's a nickname mod. You try naming mods; it's not easy.


Run /nick followed by your desired nickname. Run /color followed by a color to set your name color to that. 15 of the 16 Minecraft colors are supported. (No, you can't use black.)

Drogtor does not perform validation that the nick is not taken. It is assumed you trust your players. This may change in the future.


Run /nick or /color with no arguments to reset to default.


Works even if only installed on the server.

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