Dracovita Farm Life

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Dracovita Farm Life adds unique and fantastical livestock and other companions. 

This mod currently adds 2 new creatures, 2 structures, some flowers, and some food. 


Galliraptors & Greenhouses:


Galliraptors are chicken-like creatures that fend off foxes and ocelots. They drop Raw Galliraptor and feathers when killed, and lay Galliraptor Eggs. They can be found in greenhouses, and bred with melon seeds or melon.



Greenhouses are a new structure that spawn in forests and plains. Greenhouses contain Galliraptors, as well as Burst Poppies. 


Domestic Tri-bulls & Ranches:


Domestic Tri-bulls are three legged, cow like creatures. They drop Raw Tri-bull Shanks and leather when killed. Tri-bull Shanks have a small chance to give slowness when consumed. Tri-bulls can also be milked for a special type of milk, which can be put into cauldrons and turned into cheese. This cheese can be placed down and eaten, or crafted into wedges. It removes one potion effect when consumed.


 Tri-bull Ranches are a new structure found in plains and snowy plains. Tri-bull Ranches contain Tri-bulls, as well as two barrels and a new music disc which is hidden in the ranch.


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