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Adds a store for modpack makers to customize


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What is this?

By itself, this mod does nothing. It must be combined with CRAFTTWEAKER to function. See below on how to customize this mod


How does it work?

The mod adds a store, by default this can be opened from anywhere with the keybind (default B). The mod can be configured to only allow the store to be opened by a store block added by the mod. 


The store block does not have a recipe, it's up to the pack maker to deal with that.


The store support unlimited pages, so you can add as many things to the store as you need.


When you purchase something, it will either fall down from the sky in a delivery crate or be placed directly in your inventory, depending on your configs.




No item or block has a crafting recipe by default, it's up to you to get the block/item to the player.


Store - Comes in both item & block form, right click to open the store. Used if you don't want the keybind


Shipping Crate - A way to reverse trades/Sell items.


Mod compatibility?

Other than Crafttweaker, the mod has no other required dependencies. 


The mod current has extra support for GAME STAGES. You can specify a certain stage the player must have to purchase something from the store. See below on how to do that.



With Crafttweaker, I'm not going to explain how to use crafttweaker, see the crafttweaker docs to see how to do that.


Examples and documentation can be found here: https://gist.github.com/Lemonszz/adb359af3e546a7fbb008b718fa4c7b3


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