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With Defier, you can turn redstone flux into items. This mod was heavily inspired by Draconic Evolution's fusion crafting and Industrial Craft 2's mass fabricator. The mod also adds recipes for Draconic Evolution and Thermal Foundation items if their respective mod is present.


Getting Started

1. Craft the compressor. 

2. Input 2 billion items (configurable) into the compressor. The more items the compressor has stored, the more RF the compressor uses. Make sure the compressor receives at least 100k RF/tick (configurable). MAKE SURE THE COMPRESSOR NEVER RUNS OUT OF RF. When the compressor recieves 2 billion items, it will break and drop a defier core.

3. Craft a defier and a pattern molder.

4. To create an item pattern, place a pattern (does not have to be empty) and a compatible item into the pattern molder to get a pattern for that item. Use JEI to get a complete list of compatible items.

5. Place the pattern inside of the defier.

6. To get energy to the defier, energy providers will need to be used. One energy provider can transfer up to 1 million RF (configurable) to the defier at a time. Right clicking an energy provider with a speed star will increase how often the energy provider sends RF. Place an energy provider near a defier and the provider will send energy when the defier is ready.


Custom Recipes

The mod will search the /config/defier/recipes/ folder for json files.

There can be multiple files and they can be named anything you want.

All recipe files must be a json object with a json array as an element called recipes. Each element of the array is a different recipe definition.

All recipe definitions must contain a string item (the item to be used for the recipe) and a number cost (cost in RF of the recipe). An optional number meta can be included to specify the meta of the item. 

All recipes defined via config will override default recipes. If the cost is set to -1, the default recipe will simply be removed.


An example file would look like:

  "recipes": [
      "item": "minecraft:cobblestone",
      "cost": 10000
      "item": "minecraft:sponge",
      "cost": 5000


As of now, recipes that rely on other values such as stack size or itemstack NBT will need to add recipes using a mod (see below).


Custom Recipes Via Mod

Registering your own recipes is very easy. You will need to subscribe to the DefierRecipeRegistryEvent event. Using the event, you can register using an item, item and meta, or a custom implementation of the DefierRecipe class.



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