RedHat Shaders v34.0

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A Chocapic13 Edit




RedHat is a shaderpack for Minecraft: Java Edition based on the popular shader Chocapic13.

This shaderpack features awesome colors, many features, tons of configurations, and a pretty good performance.

RedHat works both on Iris and Optifine, and during 2021 and 2022 it became one of the most popular edits of the time.



RedHat features many lighting effects such as Godrays (both 3D and 2D, if you have a low-end machine), Shadows, Underwater Light Absorption, and many more.

The shaderpack features reflections too, and it also reflects some light on all surfaces, to make everything look cooler and more plastic (configurable as well).

There are many cinematic options such as Lens Flares, Depth of Field (Chromatic Aberration included), Grain, Tilt Shift, and others.

Then there are the colors, which change depending on the time, making everything more realistic and fantasy at the same time.

There are many effects related to movement as well. All foliage or hanging things wave (like lanterns when they hang), and there are Waving Hand and Waving Camera options too.

If that wasn't enough, RedHat supports all versions from 1.7.2 up to 1.19 and 1.18.2, and it supports all custom skies of texture packs! And it also supports vanilla minecraft clouds!

Lastly, there are many atmospherics effects such as Fog and Clouds, Round moon and sun, and other stuff like PBR support, Auto-Exposure, Stars, and many, many other things.

There are a lot of ways you can customize your shaderpack, and make it look like the way you want, and you can do all of that through the settings menu!



Although, since RedHat isn't a very low-end shader, there are some requirements. Here you can see all of them.


GPU: Must support OpenGL 3.2 and have at least 1GB of VRAM. AMD, NVIDIA and Intel are all supported (You'll have to decrease some settings to play smoothly with Intel GPUs).

CPU: Must have a minimum clock speed of 1GHz

RAM: You must have located at least 2GB of RAM in your game

OS: Windows (7,8, 8.1, 10, 11), Linux (Mesa drivers might lead to issues)

Shadermod: Optifine or Iris (Iris may have some issues)

MC Version: 1.7.2, up to 1.19

If you use RedHat without meeting these requirements, then keep in mind you'll take a risk.



In this section i'll answer common questions.

Is RedHat for low-end computers? I suggest it for medium-range pcs, although, with some lowered settings, you can still play at 40-50 FPS with Intel UHD GPUs

Can i use PVP texture-packs on 1.8.9 with this? As always, i suggest using the latest version, although it will work perfectly fine, and the custom sky will show the custom sky with the RedHat colors, making it look very nice.

Where do i report bugs? You can report bugs in the comments of the curseforge page, or in the discord.



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