Deeper Pockets

1,616 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Deeper Pockets

Deeper Pockets is a fork of Deep Pockets allowed under the MIT license.



Deeper Pockets adds different backpacks that store items in a very loose way. Rather than giving you specific numbers, you are given a general idea.



In order to retrieve the items from your backpack, sneak right click an inventory to insert the items. They will be placed randomly throughout.



Currently there are only 2 tiers of Miner's Backpacks. The Miner's Backpack (which can store 5 types) and the Advanced Miner's Backpack (which can store 10).


Prefix Amount
No 0
A few 1 to 4
Several 5 to 15
Piles of 16 to 31
Lots of 32 to 63
Hoards of 64 to 127
Throngs of 128 to 255
Swarms of 256 to 511
Zounds of 512 to 1023
Legions of 1024 and higher


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