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This is Dazzle 2, a mod that adds way more redstone lamps than you'll ever want or need. And a few other things that I thought were interesting. But mostly redstone lamps.


  • 320 redstone lamps (5 styles, 16 colors, digital/analog, regular/inverted)
  • A light sensor - works like a daylight sensor, but detects block light
  • Invisible torches
  • Projected light panels, that cast light up to 45 blocks away
  • A dimmer version of the vanilla redstone torch
  • Colored flare lights, that emit happy little particles
  • (1.0) Polished Shroomlight
  • (1.0) dye Shroomlight and Polished Shroomlight 16 colors
  • (1.0) dye End Rods 16 colors


And there's more on the way! Hope you have a good time with it.