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Filename danmakucore-1.10.2-0.4.0-8.jar
Uploaded by Katrix400
Uploaded Jun 4, 2017
Game Version 1.10.2
Size 635.64 KB
Downloads 2,791
MD5 233f4d5dedb6764e752350d2667ce680
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 8


This version will not work with mods made for 0.3.x


- Addition: Chinese translation (by Tartaric_Acid)
- Addition: Added proper laser form, old lasers are now pointed lasers
- Addition: Added sphere pattern (broke star pattern)
- Addition: Added heart danmaku
- Addition: Added note danmaku
- Change: New rendreing for crystals
- Change: Increased amount of power and points dropped by mobs
- Change: To trigger a chain damage when a danmaku mob dies, the death needs to have been caused by danmaku
- Change: Non danmaku damage now hits slightly stringer on danmaku mobs
- Techical: Added charge sphere packet
- Techical: Added complex and more accurate hitbox handeling
- Techical: Moved away from numerical ids for everything but packets
- Techical: Registries no longer have default items
- Techical: Added LERP and SLERP to vec and quat
- Techical: SubEntity is now resposible for handeling delay.
- Techical: Freeze property added to freeze danmaku.
- Techical: Item danmaku now uses an enum for patterns
- Techical: Misc cleanup
- Techical: Added child subEntity
- Techical: Added proxy particle methods
- Techical: Added matrix4 to allow transforming between local and world space
- Techical: Lot's of methods received new names. Angle in most places was replaced either with direction, or with a Quat orientation
- Techical: Added tests
- Techical: Added methods to call bec ops with double first for scala
- Techical: A quat is used for orientation for shapes instead of a vector
- Techical: Replaced DanOBJ with new format called DanModel, which actually works and has a obj to danmodel converter
- Techical: Renamed wide shape
- Techical: Made it possible to send the phase manager to the client
- Fix: Danmaku item now spawns danmaku in correct spot
- Fix: Render position of pointed spheres
- Fix: Danmaku falling items now have a proper size
- Fix: Death handeling now has a higher priority
- Fix: Danmaku techically pointing the wrong direction when moving
- Fix: Quat length not using w
- Fix: Fixed gimbal lock with different patterns and shapes

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