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DanmakuCore is a mod to make it easy to bring danmaku stuff from games like Touhou into the world of minecraft. DanmakuCore lets mod devs easily add danmaku without bothering about entities, rendering and so on. On it's own, DanmakuCore adds a few different types of danmaku (not crafting recipes, other mods have to add those), and an example spellcard.


For those that are familiar with the Touhou Items mod, note that while this mod might look similar, it makes many choices that are different from the Touhou Items mod. Don't complain because stuff is different please.


Mods currently using DanmakuCore:

Journey to Gensokyo (official content mod)

Grimoire of Alice (not 1.7.10)





 Danmaku items


3D Danmaku






DanmakuCore is currently still in development, and some parts like living entities are very much WIP. Other parts like danmaku and spellcards are however much more stable.