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This mod adds a large variety of unrelated items, tools, machines, enchantments, and a few potions.




For learning the mod, we suggest installing the mod Patchouli and checking out the Cyclic Guide Book item (in 1.16+).


For 1.12, there is a similar guide book written in Guide API


Modpack Developers check out example configs and scripts here 


Required Dependencies

In Minecraft-1.20 and newer, cyclic now depends on this library mod FLIB  along with many other mods (Older minecraft versions still have no dependencies and the library will not be backported)

Optional Dependencies

Cyclic does not require any of these mods but, if both are installed, Cyclic has built-in features that are enhanced with these


For OLD VERSIONS click files and then 'View All' on the website and use the dropdown filter menus. Some shortcuts:

Minecraft 1.10.2

Minecraft 1.12.2

Minecraft 1.16.5

Minecraft 1.18.2

Minecraft 1.19.2


Minecraft 1.12 Crafttweaker Examples



Configs: see the generated config files in your /config/ folder along side the /mods/ folder.  Also visit the Github site thru the issues link to see example config files.  All verisons of the mod have one or more config files

For example new versions such as 1.16.5 has a cyclic.toml and a cyclic-client.toml file

But 1.12.2 also has two config files cyclicmagic.cfg and cyclic_ores.cfg








Tech Talk - 3rd party tools used

Sound effects made with BFXR

Some models made with the help of Crayfish Model Creator

Coded using Minecraft Forge API, using Eclipse and Gradle
Textures created with

 Open Source Shoutouts!

In the spirit of open source, thanking those other mods where I have used a tiny piece of code from them within Cyclic

 Tutorials / Guides / Reference Shoutouts!




Sound attribution

Doorbell sound credits:
 License: Attribution 3.0
 Recorded by Mike Koenig



Classic Modpacks:










Please add all requests, bugs, reports, and crash-logs to the github issues page