Caelus API (Fabric)

259,630 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 6, 2021 Game Version: 1.17.1

This project is discontinued as of Fabric API 0.43.0+ for 1.17.1. Please use the elytra features introduced in that Fabric API version instead.




This project is for the Fabric mod loader. To see its counterpart for the Forge mod loader, please go here.

Caelus is a small utility mod that abstracts the hardcoded vanilla elytra behavior into a more generic elytra flight attribute and exposes this to mod developers seeking to implement elytra flight for their own mods.

All modders have to do is call the CaelusApi.ELYTRA_FLIGHT attribute where applicable. The attribute has a default value of 0, which forbids any elytra flight. Attribute values greater than or equal to 1 will enable elytra flight. The vanilla elytra item has also been changed to use this attribute, keeping its behavior the same as normal.

Adding To Your Project

Please refer to the GitHub README file.


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