Crates Felt Blu

581,270 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 23, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2


Crates Felt Blu is a small, simple mod that forces crates from Immersive Engineering to drop their contents when broken.


The reasoning behind making this mod is that crates are fairly easy to craft, and once you have access to them inventory management becomes a total non-issue. This makes vanilla shulker boxes useless, as well as backpacks from mods like Wearable Backpacks.  Removing crates' ability to hold their inventory when broken solves this problem without preventing crates from being used as decorative storage blocks.


I had offered to implement this as a config option in Immersive Engineering via a pull request, but I was told that such a pull request would be rejected, since it would make crates nothing more than expensive chests. Personally, I think they're cheap enough to be used as decorative storage blocks, and I found the response a bit ironic considering most things in Immersive Engineering are expensive, and mainly worth using for their aesthetically pleasing design.


In case you care about how the mod works, all it does is add a single event handler that listens for block drop events. When a wooden crate or reinforced crate is broken, it's inventory is read from the dropped item and dropped in the world and the original drop has it's "inventory" tag removed. It's quite simple and non-invasive; no dirty hacks were used.


Special Thanks

BluSunrize and Damien Hazard, as well as all contributors to Immersive Engineering for creating such a nice mod.


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