33,035 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 15, 2019 Game Version: 1.15

This mod allows for adjacent doors, fence gates, and trapdoors to be used when interacting with an initial one. As such, this mod allows you to have double doors, a vertical pillar of gates that open together, and a large trapdoor contraption that opens as a single unit. Examples of these practical usages can be seen below. Additionally, this mod allows redstone to toggle the opened state of double doors simply by powering only one of the doors. Any signal above 7 (50%) will power both doors, whereas anything less will only power the directly powered door. Redstone support may be added for gates and trapdoors in the future.

This mod requires Fabric Loader.


Double spruce doors, with redstone example


Double iron doors with button


Vertical pillar of fence gates


Wooden trapdoor contraption


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