FFS - Fancy Fluid Storage

1,400,679 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 7, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5   +1

Fancy Fluid Storage is the fluid storage solution you've been looking for!

Why limit your tanks to stupid cuboid shapes? Bring some creativity and design in!


Support for any version that isn't 1.16.5 has been discontinued.


This description is undergoing a major change due to v2.0 v3.0.

There is no ETA on when it will be done.


Modpack policy: One can use the mod in their modpacks, as long as they are crediting us properly for it.
As well, monetization is not allowed.

Size limitationsUp to 2197 air blocks inside the tank.


Disclaimer: Due to my lack of creativity, please have these 2 tanks that are cuboid shapes.

This first tank is the one containing lava - it is one entire tank in the arch, not several ones:


The second tank is in the center filled with water:


Currently this is the only GUI in the mod when rightclicking either any part of the tank frame (in this case, the glass) or the actual valve (hidden in these screenshots):


The fluid in the tank can be locked so only that particular fluid is allowed via. automation or normal rightclicking with a bucket or other items containing fluids:


Additional disclaimer: My lack of creativity has come up with these 2 shapes, so please enjoy them:


Tank Block Blacklist:

By default the following blocks are blacklisted for use in tanks:

- Dirt

- Grass / Grass Path

- Sponge / Wet Sponge


This can be modified by server owners (or resource pack creators) by modifying the file "data/ffs/tags/blocks/blacklist.json"


If you find any bugs or got any suggestions, feel free to make issues on the GitHub for either of them.


Enjoy playing with the mod! :)



FridgeBoy, for helping with a lot of mathemagical things

Drullkus, for the amazing valve-texture and logo

tterrag, for helping out with fake block-rendering for the tank frames (up until v2.0)

Gigabit101, for maintaining and updating the mod to 1.12 when I needed a longer break from it


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