Connector Extras


Connector Extras



An accompanying mod for Connector that adds integration with third-party APIs and mods.



Connector Extras is divided into several submodules for each type of integration.


Team Reborn Energy API Bridge

A bridge between Forge Energy (FE) and Team Reborn's Energy API (E) that allows two-way conversion of energy units, for both BlockEntities and ItemStacks. The default conversion ratio is 1 E : 10 FE, and can be configured for both directions individually. Setting a ratio to 0 will disable conversion in its direction.


REI Plugin Platform Bridge

Runs REI's Fabric plugin detector on Forge in addition to the default one, allowing it to load plugins from mods of both platforms at once. Includes parts of REI Fabric code in the me.shedaniel.rei package, licensed under the MIT License.


EMI Plugin Platform Bridge

Similar to the REI Bridge, it loads EMI plugins of Fabric mods on Forge. Includes parts of EMI API code in the dev.emi.emi.api package, licensed under the MIT License.


Reach Entity Attributes - Forge

A Forge port of the Fabric Reach Entity Attributes library, implemented alongside Forge's own reach attributes. Allows for compatiblity with Fabric mods that require it, but wouldn't otherwise be compatible due to the heavy forge mixin conflicts of the original version.


Forge Config API Port - Forge bridge

A clean implementation of Forge Config API Port on Forge, allowing Fabric mods to easily access the Forge config system and register their own configs.


Get help

If you're having trouble using Connector Extras or believe it is not functioning correctly, ask us on GitHub Discussions, our discord, or open an issue in this repository.

Here's a few tips to follow when reporting issues:

1. Make sure you are using latest available version. Look for existing issues that might've already been answered /

2. Navigate to the issues tab and open a new issue. Select one of the available templates
depending on the topic. Fill in the required fields. In order to increase our chances of identifying and reproducing
the issue, please make sure to include as many details as possible.

3. Once you're done describing the problem, submit the issue. We'll get to you as soon as we can. Please note that providing as many details as possible is crucial to help us find and resolve the issue faster, while
also getting you a fixed version ASAP. 



Connector Extras is licensed under the MIT license.
It bundles a Forge port of Reach Entity Attributes, which is licensed under the MIT license.
It includes parts of REI Fabric code in the REI Bridge module, licensed under the
MIT License.
It includes parts of EMI Fabric code in the EMI Bridge module, licensed under the MIT License.
Includes the Forge Config API Port API, licensed under the MPL-2.0 license.