Congrats Button

369 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 12, 2016 Game Version: 1.11

This mod allows people to use it on a server with-out putting the player into creative after they build the Multi-block and push the button.


This is a updated version of The I Win Button by Vazkii!


The following changes have been made:

1. Player no longer gets put in creative mode when button is pushed. (Safer to use on servers now.)

2. Updated to MC 1.10.2 & 1.11

3. Updated to Forge Stable Version and Version



1. Add config file.

2. Make the building Blocks Configurable.

3. Make the Center Block Configurable.

4. Allow pack makers to enable/disable Creative mode.

5. Allow pack makers to enable/disable unlocking of all Achievements.


How to build the Multi-block:

To make the Congrats Button you will need to build a 7x7x7 of Diamond Blocks with a Beacon in the center, place a Button on the center of any of the faces to get your reward!


This mod is perfectly survival friendly and fully balanced due to the need of the player to build a 7x7x7 Multi-block structure using Diamond Blocks and a Beacon. 


Extra Info:

I will leave the LICENSE the same.

You are free to use as you wish.


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