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Filename confighelper-1.1.jar
Uploaded by jredfox_
Uploaded Jan 16, 2020
Game Version 1.7.10   +1
Size 372.01 KB
Downloads 39
MD5 07bc34e543e32915cdc4fd9d055d96e0
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


cleaned up code
removed auto config parsing
added vanilla static[] array security if a mod attempts to increase vanilla but is less then mine it will patch it
made Registry objects Iterable meaning they can be used in the for each loop
seperated id extension and confighelper into two different modules
evil notch lib cleaned up reflection
evil notch lib fixed primitive modifyable objects and simplified them
evil notch lib Modular ASM transformer system 10x easiar then past ways to get asm setup working and faster
evil notch lib cleaned up ASMHelper class
evil notch lib added method to replace a class in asm helper with my new system
evil notch lib optimized class writer to ClassReader.SKIP_CODE | ClassReader.SKIP_DEBUG | ClassReader.SKIP_FRAMES which saves hundreds of ms on just config helper alone actual seconds if more transformers were used
evil notch lib fixed file dumping system to use launch.minecraft home when avalible
evil notch lib only dump asm if deob
evil notch lib massive update to ReflectionHandler view source for all the new methods added
evil notch lib reflect added EnumReflect to add/remove and instantiate enums
evil notch lib transformers are now sortable
fixed RegistryWriter doesn't tell you if the dumped entry is replaced
fixed forge EntityRegistry to automate ids and optimize it
fixed forge EntityRegistry auto ids being unoptimized
central registry enforced loaded resource domain to be a loaded modid
improved asm on DimensionManager

the first 1.1 I uploaded the new asm didn't work in compiled lol. this time I tested compiled to and added a slight fix for the asm modlular system. I am looking into how to properly crash the game if a transformer throws an error during asm class loading but, haven't found a solution yet.