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Compacted Tools & Blocks

Compacted is a light-weight mod for 1.14.4+ that provides compacted storage for cobblestone (currently up to double-compacted, with additional compaction levels and stone types to come in the future).

It also provides stone-level hammers, heavy-axes, excavators and paxels that are well-balanced for early game progression, as the compacted variants have greater durability and (except for paxels) mine in a 3 by 3 square, as well as stone torches.

While the durability of each compacted hammer is not 9 times that of the previous hammer, they are more practical than carrying around 9 of each, and are each slightly more efficient and slightly more enchantable. Additionally, they can be repaired using their relevant material.

Stone torches are made with coal and a rod, with greater coal efficiency at higher levels of compacting, as well as allowing you to store more torches per inventory slot.

While the stone cost is greater, the double-compacted stone torch can be crafted to provide roughly 81 torches for a single piece of coal or charcoal, although with the cost of around two stacks of cobblestone.

In addition, these torches can be placed underwater with a different visual effect:

Further examples of underwater and above-water stone torches:

Stone torches above & underwater, viewed from underwater:


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A stone hammer has a decent attack damage but is extremely slow (slower than an axe), and has the same durability as a stone pickaxe (153) (see Stone Rods for rod recipes):

(In addition to cobblestone and mossy-cobblestone, stone hammers can also be made out of any variant of stone.)

compacted hammer has considerably more durability (around 5 times that of a normal hammer, at 655), is slightly more efficient and is slightly more enchantable than a stone hammer:

double-compacted hammer has increased durability again (2.5 times that of a compacted hammer, at 1673 durability), increased enchantability and increase efficiency:


Similar to hammers, excavators can be used to dig a 3x3 area of dirt or anything else a shovel could dig.

Compacted Excavator:

Double Compated Excavator


These will, like excavators and hammers, clear logs and foliage in a 3x3 area.

Compacted Heavy Axe:

Double Compacted Heavy-Axe:


Mining only a single block, these have triple the base durability of their material type. (Order of hammer, excavator and axe is important.)

Stone Paxel

Compacted Paxel

Double Compacted Paxel



Pocket Compacter

The Pocket Compacter will automatically convert incoming cobblestone into compacted cobblestone, which is then further compacted into double compacted cobblestone. Damage is taken every time a compression is made, but the compacter will not break itself. Sneak-right-clicking empty air will toggle the compacter between active and inactive.

Enchanting with Efficiency will increase the number of compression operations per tick. It can also be enchanted with Unbreaking. See tooltip in-game for more information.

Pocket Impacter

Similar to the Pocket Compacter, the Impacter will automatically consume and store cobblestone within itself (a near-infinite quantity). Auto-insert mode can be toggled by sneak-right-clicking on an empty space: you'll hear a ding noise. Enchanting with Efficiency will increase the rate at which cobblestone is consumed.

Cobblestone can be extracted from them by crafting:

Right-clicking will place a block of cobblestone (if one is available) as though you were holding it. You can instantly break cobblestone just by hitting it with the Impacter in your hand. See tooltip in-game for more information.

Inventory Repair

It's possible to repair all stone or compacted/double-compacted tools in your inventory (or any crafting grid) by combining them with the correct level of cobblestone. i.e.:

Stone Torches

While it would seem inefficient to make a stone torch with a single stone rod and a single coal or charcoal and get a single torch, using a compacted rod will net you a total of 9 torches, while a double-compacted rod will net you a total of 81 torches:

Stone torch:

Compacted stone torch:

Double-compacted stone torch:

Compression and decompression of stone torches:

Stone torch from compacted stone torch:

Compacted stone torch from double-compacted stone torch:

Stone torch to compacted stone torch:

Compacted stone torch to double-compacted stone torch:



Compacted Stone

This version of Compacted now comes with its own compacted cobblestone, no longer requiring you to use another mod (such as Extra Utilities 2 or Additional Compression) to obtain it.

You can compact normal cobblestone (or mossy cobblestone) into compacted cobblestone like so:

This compacted cobblestone can be compacted again to produce double-compacted cobblestone:

Each compacted cobblestone can be reverted to the previous tier by crafting it shapelessly.



Each recipe requires the use of two rods. There are standard stone rods, compacted rods & double-compacted rods. They are simply made by a column of three cobblestone (or compacted/double-compacted cobblestone), although you can craft nine stone rods and compact them into one. Stone rod:

(any type of stone can be used to make the basic rod)
Compacted rod:

Double-compacted rod:

As with compacted stone, compacted rods can be crafted shapelessly to turn them into their previous variants.


Alternate Methods

In addition to crafting hammers as above, it is possible to craft 9 stone hammers and compact them into a compacted hammer. (Note: this must be done with undamaged hammers.) This recipe principle applies to any compacted tool.

Stone Hammer into Compacted Hammer:

Compacted Hammers into Double-Compacted Hammer:

Unlike compacted cobblestone and compacted rods, it is not possible to de-convert these once crafted.


Quick Video Demo 


Forge Tags

For developers wishing to be compatible with the tags used in this mod:

Stone rods use the Forge tags "forge:rods/stone", with compacted and double-compacted rods being "forge:rods/compacted/cobblestone/single" and "forge:rods/compacted/cobblestone/double" respectively.
Compacted stone uses the Forge tag "forge:cobblestone" in a 3x3 pattern, while double-compacted stone uses the Forge tag "forge:compacted/cobblestone/single". Double-compacted stone itself is given the tag "forge:compacted/cobblestone/double".



Many thanks to Dani, Kat & Vulpie for the 1.12.2 and 1.14.4 textures respectively. While previously this mod depended upon CoFH Core, I would like to credit astradamus' Practical Tools for providing guidance on how to properly translate which blocks were nearby depending on the facing. While I ultimately chose a different implementation, I still give credit for MIT license-compatible code that could be considered quite similar.

Additionally, while the rendering of the selection box and damage may be very similar to CoFH Core, I believe that a) this falls under "Copy portions of this code for use in other projects." section of their CoFH License, and b) the majority of it is actually taken from Vanilla with only small sections modified to fit the scenario. I do wish to properly credit CoFH Core for allowing me to see where best to apply the damage & block overlays.


For 1.12.2:

 Based off of CoFH's Hammer Core, this mod adds three 3x3 mining hammers. 

  • Stone Hammer, with the level and durability of stone. Can be disabled in configuration if it conflicts with CoFH Vanilla+ Tools or Thermal Foundation.
  • Compressed Hammer, with the level of stone, slightly reduced efficiency, but increased durability (although not ninefold). 
  • Double Compressed Hammer, with the level of stone, reduced efficiency, but considerably increased durability (but not ninefold that of the Compressed Hammer)

They are mainly designed for early-game mining and as a tangible use for cobblestone and compressed stone.

Compressed Stone

Stone, compressed stone and double-compressed stone can be defined in the configuration. Multiple entries can be included, although if no valid entries are found recipes will not correctly register (although the tooltip will specifically mention this). Entries are in the following format:


 Custom ore dictionary entries are added to leverage this configuration. By default, only support for Extra Utilities 2 compressed cobblestone is enabled, but this can be extended to include any other compressed stone block. Please feel free to include additional configurations in the comments that could be added as defaults.



Instead of using sticks, Compressed Hammers require something sturdier: stone rods. By default, stone rods are added but the oreDictionary entry "rodStone" is used, meaning Forge Microblocks stone rods in addition to anything else that uses this entry are an eligible starting point. These are used for the stone hammer, if enabled.

Compressed hammers require compressed stones, which can be crafted from 2 compressed stone, or 9 stone rods:

Double compressed hammers required double compressed rods, which are made by crafting 2 double compressed stone or 9 compressed stone rods:

In addition, if you are well-equipped with iron at some point in the future but still find the compressed hammers convenient, you can replace the compressed rods with iron rods:


Stone hammers can be crafted, by default, with any type of Minecraft stone or cobblestone and stone or iron rods:

Compressed hammers can be crafted either with 2 compressed stone rods (or 2 iron rods) and 5 compressed stone, or by combining 9 stone hammers:

Finally and likewise, the double compressed hammer requires 2 double compressed rods (or 2 iron rods) and 5 double compressed stone, although additionally you can also use 9 compressed hammers:

Many thanks to 5B for the textures.


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