Coal Explosion

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Explosive Coal

Making coal irritating to your players. :)

Range (default = 5.0, min 0 max 256.0): The range of the explosion of a coal block.

Strength (default = 10.0, min 0, max 256.0): The amount of damage the explosions do.
causeFire (default = false): Whether an exploding coal block should cause fire.

Sparks (default = iron and gold pickaxes): Whatever you add to this list will trigger explosions like Pigporker below was expecting.


Excuses for the delay, but I've implemented a tag coalexplosion:igniters to Coal explosion and added all vanilla torches to it. I've also added a config option to add more igniting items that way (which I was able to confirm works by inserting "minecraft:stick")
This way new items can be either done through a datapack or a config option
I also kept an extra check for instanceof TorchBlock to keep the same level of compatability with any mods that extend the class


Fabric Versions require Fabric API and ClothConfig

Future ideas and features:
The idea is, you would have to use non-metal and non-stone (did you know that stone is actually shitty metal, or that metal is actually quality stone? factoid or factlet you decide). so wood or diamond is the ideal tool.


I'll add a config to it.