Climatic World Type

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Climatic World Type

(Requires Fabric API)

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Climatic World Type is a mod for the fabric modloader which adds a worldtype which places biomes based on climatic features, in particular, temperature and humidity.

The level type for servers is "climatic"


The mod is compatible with traverse and terrestria! (1.14 version only, currently)


Config Options:

- humidity_zone_size: this option controls the stretch of the humidity noise in the mod. The default value is 11.0.

- temperature_zone_size: this option controls the stretch of the temperature noise in the mod. The default value is 10.0.

- biome_size: controls the biome size, but also effects overall climate and continent size due to how scaling works. More technically, this is how many times the scale layer is applied to the biome layers in the main biome-scaling process. The default value is 4.

- river_size: The spread/length for rivers. Vanilla calls it "river size" so this mod does (for now at least). The default value is 5.

- large_shores: if biome_size is 2 or above, this determines whether shores should be added at a larger scale than normal. By default this is true.



- Q: Can you port this to forge/<insert old mc version here>?

    - A: No, I don't have the time to do that sorry, however feel free to port it yourself :)

- Q: Can I use this in my modpack?

    - A: Yes!


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