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What makes CJCore different to other APIs?

  • CJCore is designed with developers in mind - CJCore has a whole community of people suggesting ideas and improvements to the mod
  • CJCore makes developers lives easier - CJCore makes harsh complex tasks easier (such as energy integration)
  • CJCore is for everyone - if you have a suggestion or idea which you wish to be made easier, then just suggest it and it will most likely be added!

What does CJCore offer for a developer?

  • CJCore offers simple and effective energy integration between most technology mods. It supports the following energy types:
    • Redstone Flux (RF) [CoFH]
    • Forge Energy (FE) [Forge]
    • Tesla (T) [Tesla]
    • Joules (J) [Mekanism]
    • Energy Unit (EU) [IC2]
    • Minecraft Joules (MJ) [Buildcraft] -  EXCEPT 1.10 SUPPORT
  • The energy API also allows energy to be given or taken from all energy types supported and with items as well!
  • CJCore as well offers the ability to add your own energy support (if your mod uses an energy system which is not supported) and your own energy unit (with a custom colour!)
  • CJCore also offers a useful inventory management utility class for transferring items between blocks using the IInventory or ISidedInventory interface or by utilising the Forge capabilities' IItemHandler
  • CJCore also offers a complete fluid support system, which allows you to easily fill or drain any other fluid container / tank
  • CJCore offers a useful GUI system which allows for GUI elements to be used
  • The GUI system has elements for energy display which can be fully configured in size and can automatically sync with the server
  • CJCore offers a easy to use, annotation powered registry system for items, blocks, entities and tile entities. Simply attach an @Register annotation onto the registry class and then use the different registry annotations within that class!
  • CJCore also offers a easy to use Item and Block class for basic items and blocks which want to use meta data by simply feeding them an enum class which they want to use

What does CJCore offer for a player?

  • Players can change the energy unit of the energy displayed either by clicking on an energy GUI element in a block's GUI and cycling through the energy units or by editing the Configuration File (which can also be done in the Configuration GUI)

Future Plans?

  • I plan to add more GUI elements
  • I plan to add different world generation options available (for devs)
  • More useful classes!

Support me!

If you would like to support me, please use my Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/cjminecraft)


Useful things for developers

To set up the project just visit https://jitpack.io/#CJMinecraft01/CJCore and use the branches to get the latest version of CJCore. Just follow the steps provided on the website and you are good to go! Note: where the website says "implementation" we would use simply "compile"


Contact me

If you wish to ask me any questions you can either email me at cjminecraft.theclever.me@gmail.com or you can message me on my discord server (http://discord.gg/ZvhUKkd)


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