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An in-game screenshot of colored grass, leaves, and vines, with a gradient from day to night, showcasing emissive variants in the darkness


This mod adds chromatic variants of various nature blocks, obtainable through dyeing. Each supported block can be dyed using any of the vanilla dye colors. These chromatic blocks can also be made to glow, by inserting glowstone into them. Chromatic blocks can be created in-world by right-clicking supported blocks in the world with a dye of your choice. It is also possible to re-colour existing chromatic blocks, either in-world or via a generic recipe. To illuminate a chromatic block, simply right-click glowstone dust onto it. Illuminated chromatic blocks produce a small amount of light, and glow in the dark, much like to magma blocks. The glowstone will be consumed when performing this action, but an illuminated block will drop the dust again when broken. Sneak + right-clicking an illuminated block with an empty hand will also remove its glowstone dust. Chromatic blocks have the same drop logic as their original variants; for example, chromatic grass blocks will drop dirt if broken without silk touch, and chromatic leaves require silk touch or shears to be collected. Additionally, chromatic grass blocks will cause grass plants and snow layers placed above it to change colour to match the chromatic variant. The mod is highly configurable and almost all features can be disabled if desired.

Currently supported blocks:

  • Grass Block
  • Oak Leaves
  • Spruce Leaves
  • Birch Leaves
  • Jungle Leaves
  • Acacia Leaves
  • Dark Oak Leaves
  • Vines


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