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Chest Tracker


ChestTracker is a client sided mod that remembers where you've put items. Want a more reliable, server-side version for your modpack?


Important: Chest Tracker version 1.x.x bundles the required Where Is It version; do not download it seperately.



Press 'Y' when hovering over an item to search directly, or open the GUI (either through the magnifying glass or binding a key to it) and click an item there.

To forget a chest that you have open, hold Shift and click the magnifying glass.

Chest Names

Renaming a chest or other container in an anvil will display the name over the container. This also works on vanilla servers.


ChestTracker bundles Where Is It, however you need to download:

Modern launchers such as the Curse launcher or GDLauncher should do this for you.


Inspired by HenneGamer's Chest Counter mod for forge.

Want to help translate? Check the GitHub page for more details. Also consider translating the base mod, Where Is It!


If you want to disable labels completely, then:

In the Chest Tracker config, setting "Name Render Range" to 0 will turn off labels for any nearby remembered inventories.

In the Where Is It config, setting "Show labels for returned results" to No will stop any labels from appearing when searching for an item.

Both of these will turn off labels completely.