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Chef's Delight [Fabric]

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Add-on for the Farmer's Delight mod. Adds 2 new professions to villagers. Cook and Chef.

Depends on Farmer's Delight for Fabric. Download Farmer's Delight here.

Forge Version Here.


Farmer's Delight Chef and Cook



Cook - To turn a villager into a Cook, you need a Skillet. The Cook trades simple food.

Chef - To turn a villager into a Chef, you need a Cooking Pot. The Chef trades advanced foods.



A configuration file is generated in the Minecraft config folder with the name "" allowing to change the number of houses that are generated in the villages. (still in test)

The file is configured in a way that it generates structures randomly and can be different for each biome.

Put 0 to not generate the structures. You need to restart the game for it to take effect.


Structures for other biomes will be added in a future update.


Compatibility Repurposed Structures


Compatibility CTOV and Chef's Delight


Test with other mods

Numismatic Overhaul
Not working with Minecraft version 1.18.2. (I tried to configure the file to replace the trades as explained in the mod's wiki, but still without success.)
Working with Minecraft version 1.19.2.

It is still necessary to test with other mods to generate houses in the villages. Like More Villagers and VillagersPlus