Charmonium for Forge

Looking for the Fabric version?

Charmonium is a mod for Minecraft 1.16.4 (Forge) that adds Ambient biome sound effects, Underground sound effects and additional background music. It's designed to place nicely with Vanilla+ mods and depends on Charm.

  • Biome-specific environment sounds for both day and night to add extra depth to the otherwise uncomfortably silent world.
  • Cave sounds increase in intensity as you mine deeper, but fade as you light up the surrounding area.
  • Mineshafts have wooden creaking sounds.
  • Villages have some general activity sounds during the day.
  • Ambient sound volume can be controlled using the "Ambient Sounds" slider in Minecraft's options.

Five additional background tracks have been added to the game:

  • "There" (þarna) - random Overworld track.
  • "Beneath" (Undir) - random Nether track (when lower than level 48).
  • "Mouse" (Mús) - random Icy Biome track.
  • "Stone" (Steinn) - played when in underground ruins (like Quark's big dungeons or Strange's ruins)
  • "Ghost" (Draugur) - played when in underground ruins as above