Catwalks 3

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Due to problems in Minecraft's rendering pipeline and the complexity of the models the rendering performance of this mod leaves a lot to be desired, and I have long ago burnt out on this mod. Thus it will not be maintained for the foreseeable future. It is incompatible with the latest version of LibrarianLib so it cannot be used alongside any mods that require newer versions of LibLib.

Catwalks 3 is the third iteration of the original Catwalks mod and it now features full 3d models!


The mod is WIP, and new blocks and materials will be added as time goes on


For more information please visit the Minecraft Forums post because I don't want to have to maintain that information in two places.


Modpack policy: Feel free to use it, though I would like it if you contacted me. I like to hear that people are using my mod.


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