Carved Melons

968 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 23, 2019 Game Version: 1.14

Adds a Carved Melon and Melon o'Lantern, analogs to the Carved Pumpkin and Jack o'Lantern. But psst, secretly, it's a redstone feature, not just a decorative block!


Very much inspired by this Redditpost:


For 1.14.0 with Fabric mod loader. Requires Fabric API. The CurseForge file says "1.14-snapshot" - it's not often a modloader can update before Curse knows about the version. ;)


Stuff it does:

  • Carve a melon by using shears on it, just like a pumpkin.
  • Put said carved melon on your head.
  • Or place it on the ground, in 12 different directions.
  • Craft it with a Redstone Torch to create the Melon o'Lantern.
  • The Melon o'Lantern is not only a stylish, dim light source.
  • It also acts as a one-side redstone block!
  • Only the melon's face emits a redstone signal.


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