Can I Join Now?

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Can I Join Now?

is a brand new very simple mod, which has only one purpose - updates the server's MOTD with current in-game time to show, whether it is safe to join. 


Unlike vanilla's 0-23999 I wrap the time into normal 24h mode, where 05:27 - 18:31 are safe to join (based on vanilla logic), 18:32 - 05:26 are unsafe to join. Much better to represent time. Dimension to check can be set in a config file [default Overworld].


Safety is reflected by green/red text (as visible on the image).


This mod is server-side only and works with vanilla clients as well. If you install it on a client, nothing will happen (I literally disable functionality on the client).




There are no required nor optional dependencies.



Feel free to use it in any modpack if you desire, I love modpacks! You just should not have a direct income from the modpack itself (streaming is fine, ads on the launcher etc are fine). Also, if you have the chance, show your support and link this page in your modpack description/mod listing, please!


Bug reports

I am watching OpenEye for crashes, but if you run into some other issue/do not use OpenEye, please, open an issue on github and I will look into it and fix it. Bugs reported on Curse or CurseForge will most likely will not be noticed! Use GitHub issues!



IRC: / #CallMeFoxie, nickname Ashlee



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