Calendar API

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Calendar API

This is just an API, this mod does (almost) nothing on its own (it just fixes the /time command and adds /date and /season commands). This is mostly just a library for other mods to use (and depend on) that work with calculating times and dates to unify the maths. Generally you won't need this unless some other mod requests it.


MC Version support

This mod is being (as of right now) updated for both MC1.7.10 and for MC1.8.9 in parallel while keeping the API the same.



Feel free to use it in any modpack if you desire, I love modpacks! You just should not have a direct income from the modpack itself (streaming is fine, ads on the launcher etc are fine). Also, if you have the chance, show your support and link this page in your modpack description/mod listing, please! 


Bug reports

I am watching OpenEye for crashes, but if you run into some other issue/do not use OpenEye, please, open an issue on github and I will look into it and fix it. Bugs reported on Curse or CurseForge will most likely will not be noticed! Use GitHub issues!



IRC: / #CallMeFoxie, nickname Ashlee



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