Better Sleeping

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Better Sleeping modifies the way beds work and completely overhauls the sleeping system.

For one you can go to sleep any time of the day - be it morning, afternoon, night. 

The fun does not end there. You can not only go to sleep when you want but you can wake when you want. That's what alarms are there for in real life, right?


Still not done. Are you a creator of a modpack and do you want to drive your players mad? Or just enjoy some tediousness in your world? You can enable Tiredness. What that means is that you have to sleep or you will get too tired and start badly seeing. Start walking slowly. Or, eventually, fall down on the floor from the tiredness.


You can also regain tiredness by drinking coffee, tea, munching on coffee beans or any similar drinks/foods (check/edit config for known oredict entries of foods). But don't drink or eat too much or you will get nausey and die from caffeine intoxication!


This mod will probably not be compatible with majority of mods that change sleeping system as I change that myself, too.

The most asked request was Morpheus. There is built-in Morpheus-like support, but the mod itself is compatible with Morpheus!


And how it works in Multiplayer? It checks everybody who is asleep and checks their alarm near their bed. And for every clock it averages down the time of the day to wake you up.



Feel free to use it in any modpack if you desire, I love modpacks! You just should not have a direct income from the modpack itself (streaming is fine, ads on the launcher etc are fine). Also, if you have the chance, show your support and link this page in your modpack description/mod listing, please! 


Bug reports

I am watching OpenEye for crashes, but if you run into some other issue/do not use OpenEye, please, open an issue on github and I will look into it and fix it. Bugs reported on Curse or CurseForge will most likely will not be noticed! Use GitHub issues!



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