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Located randomly around your world will be burrow holes, right clicking on these holes will allow you to enter the Burrows dimension. But be warned! The only way to exit this dimension is with an Escape Rope or DEATH. This dimension is ruled by the fearless and powerful Mole King. Included in this dimension are currently 2 biomes, the standard burrows caves filled with deadly monsters and the spiders nest biome. Throughout the spiders nest biome are cobwebs, spiders and spiders eggs, these eggs can be extremely dangerous to tread carefully. Or if you are feeling brave you can open them with a sword to potentially receive some loot or meet your end.


Current Features:

  • Custom dimension with 2x new biomes
  • Moles
  • Centipedes
  • Explosive/Loot spide egg sacks
  • Mole King structure and boss fight


Planned Features:

  • Mole King structure and boss fight
  • Spider Queen structure and boss fight
  • More biomes
  • More Structures
  • More creatures, monsters and insects





The standard Mole Suit isn't anything special and main just an aesthetic armor set with the same benefits of chainmail. However this suit does open up the opportunity to upgrades certain parts for some powerful and useful pieces.

The enchanced mole suit is the upgraded version of the original Mole Suit. The only upgraded items are the mask and chestplate. Upgrading the mask with two mole eyes grants nightvision on wearing until removed, and upgrade the body with mole claws grants haste I until removed.







Spelunker (Trader)






1.19.2 version of this mod has been scrapped and will no longer receive updates, sorry for any inconvenience.