Broken Wings


Take, these broken wings, and learn to fly again... using more interesting methods...


Broken Wings is a small, simple* mod that allows packmakers to disable creative-mode style flight in certain dimensions.

*ok its not really that simple anymore


The default config options disable flight in dimension 7, the default dimension ID of the Twilight Forest.


Additional configuration options are available:

  • Choose the dimension IDs that flight is allowed in, disallowed in, or blanket-ban flight in all dimensions.
  • Choose whether Elytra flight or wings from the Wings mod count as flying.
  • Many countermeasures to enable and disable: Elytra flight, Wings mod, arbitrary items and armor pieces, arbitrary baubles...
  • Add items, armor pieces, and Baubles as "bypass keys", which allow players to fly despite any rules in place. Bypass keys can work per-dimension.


The mod can also send messages to players when their flight is cancelled, and/or create a message in the server log. 


This work is dedicated to the public domain.


See also: the redditpost that sparked this mod, and Dimensional Flight Ban, a similar mod for 1.7.


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