Breadcrumb Trail

10,185 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 18, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Breadcrumb Trail is a simple low-tech navigation mod for 1.12. It adds two items: the Breadcrumb, and the Breadcrumb Pouch. 




You can open the Breadcrumb Pouch by right clicking it; it can then be filled up with crumbs by crafting.


As you walk around, if the Breadcrumb Pouch is open, it will automatically leave a trail of crumbs behind you, around every ten blocks or so. This is pretty useful for finding your way back across large fields and twisty cave passages! But watch out, as certain animals can eat your breadcrumbs off of the ground!


Breadcrumbs can also be manually placed on the ground, or used as parrot feed.



Available in version 1.1 are the Glimmering Breadcrumnbs, crafted with a tiny, tiny amount of glowstone. These crumbs emit a very small amount of light and glitter.


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