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Botany Pots - Pixelmon Compat

This mod is an addon for Botany Pots that adds compatibility for the many plants and berries added by the Pixelmon mod. This can be used for decoration or for passive farms.


Currently Supported

  • Apricorns - Supports all 7 variants. Produces 1-3 Apricorns every 2 minutes.
  • Berries - Supports all 77 berries. Produces 1 every 2 minutes.



New crops are added to Botany Pots using the vanilla Data Pack system. To configure a crop added by this compatibility addon you can override the data pack files using your own data pack or use another mod such as CraftTweaker that is specifically designed to help players and modpacks edit game data.


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This project is sponsored by Nodecraft. Use code Darkhax for 30% off your first month of service!