Boosted Brightness

4,048 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 15, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.3

Boosted Brightness

Boosted Brightness is a simple clientside mod that allows you to set your brightness beyond default levels to your liking. It makes use of Fabric (not Forge) and is compatible with 1.16.


New Brightness Slider

GIF showing the range of the new brightness slider

The mod modifies the brightness slider in video settings, extending brightness range to 1200%. I found 200% - 500% to be a fair compromise between being able to see the darkest areas clearly and actually seeing differences in lighting. 1200% is full-bright.

Max Brightness Toggle

Image of the keybind selector for the max brightness toggle

A configurable toggle to swap between your set brightness and the maximum brightness.


The screenshots below compare various brightness settings in different situations. "Moody" is 0% and 100% is the usual "Bright".

Cave brightness comparison Comparison of several brightness levels in a cave

Nighttime brightness comparison Comparison of several brightness levels at night


(1) Install Fabric

(2) Drop the Fabric API jar into the mods folder

(3) Drop the Boosted Brightness jar into the mods folder


Works with Optifine. Let me know if you find any compatibility issues.


MIT. Feel free to use this mod in any modpack.


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