Blueys Propamajoogles

153 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 28, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

Welcome to Blueys Propamajoogles!



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Downloads available for 1.15.2 and 1.16.5!


This mod will continue to update along with its other friends (Thingamajigs and Snackimadoodles).


In this mod, you'll get access to the second part of the Bluey's Mods Bundle.

This mod adds:

+ Props (TV Remotes, Handheld Phones, Sound Blaster Cards, Holdable Chickens, Party Poppers, etc.)

+ Weapons and Armor (op armor, cheese armor, mixed ingot armor, etc.)

+ Resources that do absolutely nothing but look cool (dirt ingots, diamond cows, coal that speaks to you)

+ Meme items (or just silly items, like sock puppets and fake items)

+ Fantasy collectables (Gigantic 3D swords, shields, and dual blades)

And more!


Here are some of the features in action!






Of course, like my other mods, there will be variants for several types of items included with this mod.


About some features:

Some features, such as Wub Guns, will not include things that the mod they were based off of had, due to copyright or other issues as a risk associated with them.

Dubstep Guns actually USED copyrighted songs, which this mod will NOT use, ever. Instead, just enjoy the power of the limitless destruction wub gun!



This mod uses Realistic images... These come from outside sources that have been simplified removing all information that is identifiable except the name of the object, and the official model and design of the object. I do not claim any of these images as my own, unless explicitly stated. This is a props mod, implying non-Minecrafty items will be added according to some rulings that have been done in the past.

Want something removed? Ask using a private message, and state the following:

Is one of your products not to be shown off in other sources of the Internet?

Is it against your personal company interests, terms of use, or is not being used correctly?

Do you feel violated by this mod's use of the product or other items in this mod, or association with this mod?

If you feel this way, please send a message and the mod will quickly and swiftly remove the feature from the mod, otherwise, the whole mod will be taken down until something can be worked out.


However, if you do not provide a valid reason, or are spamming, you'll be blocked and reported immediately. Otherwise, your message will be responded to in a few hours or days, depending on circumstances.


Want to sponsor, or better, donate to this mod? For now, you cannot, but possibly you will be able to in the future, but not likely due to some features in this mod NOT being original. 


Also, this mod uses parts or has modified an existing texture or a set of textures that belong to Mojang. These textures can be used in a way that doesn't directly copy the texture, which they are in this case for this mod specifically. The textures might be modified later to include much more unique elements.


Some textures were made by Greenspelunking a long time ago. They have been ported to this version for the sake of getting them some attention, and as such, I claim no credit for the textures that are Greenspelunkings. Greenspelunking is NOT involved in the mod making process or texture porting progress, however permission was given to use the textures they made. This mod does not reflect the original intent those images were to be used for, however.


Never run out of story elements again!


I suggest downloading Bluey's Thingamajigs and Bluey's Snackimadoodles before getting this mod. They go together well!


"Have fun roleplaying with these features..." - CreativeMasterBonin


Do not repost this mod, otherwise your website may end up on the "StopModReposts" GitHub as a 'naughty website'.

Do not download from reposter websites, as they may contain malicious versions of mods. Those website's versions of my mods are not mine, nor do I ever condone the use of such mods.

Also, I will not be held responsible for the reposters, as their websites are not mine. If they repost, they pose the same risk I do, which is using online images that showcase products that cost real money. This mod cannot profit due to this, if it was to, there would be issues, or, if allowed, it could but would have to share revenue. Thingamajigs is NOT included, since the features in that mod do not directly use images from any source (except for edits of Mojang's textures, explained in the description of that mod).