BloodyQuests (BetterQuesting|Blood Magic Bridge)

124,439 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 9, 2019 Game Version: Forge

Crafting in a Blood Altar or Alchemical Table, alongside binding of items like the Bound Tools, will be detected as Crafting (The crafting task added by BetterQuesting - Standard pack) events by BetterQuesting when this mod is installed.


As of 1.1.0, the running of rituals can be detected via a custom task.


Please Note:

  • Due to an oddity in the way I detect alchemical crafting, the quest may not trigger unless the GUI of the table is closed and reopened. I don't currently know of a way to fix this.
  • Ritual detection uses internal ritual names with the first part sanitised. For example, the name for the Eternal Spring is internally AW001Water. The mod will detect this as a ritual named 'Water'. 


This mod is open source.


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