Block Swapper




đź“– About:

Ever built a house only to realize that you should have chosen birch instead of oak wood? Well I've been there one too many times and decided to come up with a solution: Block Swapper is a Forge mod that adds a new type of tool to your game which allows you to swap placed blocks with block items in your other hand without losing the original properties such as orientation. Block Swappers come in two tiers, namely copper and netherite, which can swap all blocks that require stone tools and diamond tools respectively. 

The Netherite Block Swapper can be further strengthened via enchantments, which the Copper Block Swapper cannot hold. These include Unbreaking, Mending, Silk Touch, and an all-new enchantment called Excavating, which allows the Block Swapper to replace blocks with air, essentially instantly destroying any block you interact with. To balance this strong ability, the Netherite Block Swapper is not only expensive to craft, but the Excavating enchantment can only be found in treasure chests and is not compatible with the Mending enchantment.

The models, textures, and abilities in this mod have been designed with vanilla in mind - nothing should feel overly overpowered or out-of-place. Additionally, the mod generates an extensive config file so you can adjust the balancing however you like! The model and texture of the Block Swappers is directly inspired from the Hammer of Gravity from Minecraft Dungeons.

âś… Features:

  • Adds Block Swappers that swap placed blocks with ones from your other hand!
  • Works both from main or off-hand, making cycling through blocks in your hotbar easy
  • Swapping a block will copy all of its properties onto the new one
  • Makes replacing blocks in existing builds much easier
  • Useful for both creative mode and survival building
  • Two different Swapper tiers that each have reasonable cost and ability balancing
  • Gives both Copper and Amethyst a new use
  • Silk Touch works as you would expect
  • All new treasure-only enchantment
  • Models and textures heavily inspired from Minecraft Dungeons for a fitting vanilla feel while being unique
  • Extensive configuration via config file to blacklist blocks, toggle Swapper abilities, and rebalance the enchantment!
  • Only for Forge

🔧 Configuration:

  • Swapping blacklist
  • Excavating blacklist
  • Toggling Excavating Enchantment on/off
  • Toggling Excavating being treasure only
  • Toggling Excavating appearing in villager trades
  • Toggling creative mode affecting swapping and excavating mechanics
  • Toggling mining fatigue disabling swapping

🤝 Pairs well with:

Better Bridging

Better Bridging: This mod adds an item that lets you place blocks in columns of 3, making buildings walls, floors, and bridges far easier!

Mended Mending: This mod reworks the Mending enchantment to still require repairing equip using resources!

🖼️ Preview: 

Simply right-click on blocks to swap!

Blocks keep their properties such as orientation!

Copper tier for blocks that need stone tools, Netherite tier for everything above!

All-new enchantment that makes it able to replace blocks with air!


🧾 Changelog:

1.0 - Sep 19, 2022:

Initial release for 1.18 & 1.19


1.1 - Oct 2, 2022:

Situationally disabled swapping, for example when under the effect of mining fatigue
Added placement sound effects for the swapped-in blocks
And the big one: Config file!
- Swapping blacklist
- Excavating blacklist
- toggling Excavating on/off
- toggling Excavating being treasure only
- toggling Excavating appearing in villager trades
- toggling creative mode affecting swapping and excavating mechanics
- toggling mining fatigue disabling swapping


Fixes and optimizations:
Fixed tool breaking particles appearing as a missing texture
Optimized swapping prerequisite checking to run through less of the swapping code before exiting if conditions are not met
Cleaned up code for readability and lightweightedness


2.0 - Sep 18, 2023:


- Block Swappers now work from the off-hand, making switching blocks to swap easier

- Diamond Swapper is now a Netherite Swapper and is crafted through smithing

- Silk Touch can now be applied to Swappers and works as you'd expect

- Copper Swappers are now crafted differently



- Leaves placed by swapping no longer decay

- Placing seeds on any block is no longer possible unless enabled in the config

- Repair materials now work as you would expec