Anvil Never Too Expensive



📖 About:

Ever had to let a perfectly enchanted pickaxe break because the game suddenly decided you weren't allowed to use your hard earned levels on repairing it, saying it's "Too expensive!" even though you'd be able to afford it? Well I've been there one too many times and decided to come up with a solution: Anvil Never Too Expensive - ANTE for short - simply removes this level cap entirely, letting you repair, rename, or enchant items no matter the cost, as long as you can afford to.

No longer will perfectly fine equip go to waste because the game limits your possibilities! 

✅ Features:

  • Removes the level cap when repairing/renaming/enchanting equip on an anvil!
  • Is extremely lightweight and will not cause incompatibility with other mods
  • Does not enable cheating, the interaction still costs levels
  • Recommended on both server & client, but technically only needed server-side!
  • When installed on server only, "Too expensive!" will appear but the item can still be repaired
  • Supported on Forge, Neoforge, and Fabric

🔧 Configuration:

  • None at the moment

🤝 Pairs well with:

Mended Mending: This mod reworks the Mending enchantment to still require repairing equip using resources!


🖼️ Preview: 


🧾 Changelog:

1.0 - Sep 7, 2022:

Initial release for 1.19

1.1 - Sep 8, 2022:

Initial release for 1.18

Fixes and optimizations:
Fixed game not launching on 1.19-1.19.2 due to typo in Forge version dependency

1.1 - Aug 4, 2023:

Initial release for 1.20.1

Fixes and optimizations:
Fixed rare game crash on 1.19.4

 1.2 - May 27, 2024

Initial release for Multiloader 1.20.4, supporting Forge, Fabric, and Neoforge

 1.2 - Jul 1, 2024

Initial release for Multiloader 1.20.6 and 1.21, supporting Fabric and Neoforge