BlackThorne Civilian Vehicles [MTS/IV] [IR] (cars trucks planes trains)

181,867 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 3, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2



This mod has the following requirements:

Minecraft Transport Simulator

UNU Parts Pack

Immersive Railroading (Optional)**


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This mod adds the following vehicles to MTS:

UNU Rabbit [CP-497-LTC] (Sedan and Wagon) (4 Colors each + Taxi + Police) (RHD Available)
UNU Ferret [RJ-618-LCC] (Van and Truck) (4 Colors each + 7 van skins)
UNU Scarab [DG-930-MTC] (Bus)
UNU Chancellor [GM-600-LTC] (Limousine) (5 Colors) (RHD Available)
UNU Stag [DD-228-HTC] (Double Decker Bus)
UNU Turtle [SV-313-MCC] (Stepvan) (4 Liveries)
UNU Camel [TB-313-MCC] (Fire Truck) (Red + Yellow)
UNU Weevil SB-423-MTC (School Bus)
UNU Baron [IM-510-LTC] (Sedan) (8 Colors + Police)
UNU Swift [SS-541-HTA] (Supersonic Jet)
UNU Corsair [RS-702-LTC] (Roadster) (8 Colors + Police) (RHD Available)
UNU Camel [TB-313-MCC] (Container Hauler) (2 Paint Schemes)
UNU Burro [AK-727-HCC] (Semi Truck) (2 Paint Schemes) (4 Trailers)


This mod adds the following trains to Immersive Railroading (With 6 Paint Schemes):

UNU IR-113-LPR (Streetcar)
UNU NY-212-MPR (Subway) (Powered & Unpowered)
UNU SC-126-HCR (Freight Locomotive)
UNU FB-125-HCR (Flatbed) (4 variants)
UNU BC-131-HCR (Boxcar)
UNU HC-144-HCR (Hopper Car)
UNU TC-154-HCR (Tanker Car)
UNU AT-410-HPR (Streamliner Loco)
UNU PC-409-HPR (Streamliner B-Unit)
UNU SL-301-HPR (Streamliner Passenger Car)
UNU OC-307-HPR (Streamliner Observation Car)
UNU MC-502-LCR (Mining Loco)
UNU MC-503-LCR (Mining Car)
UNU BH-505-HCR (Bulkhead  Car)
UNU CB-506-HCR (Centerbeam Car)
UNU LC-506-HCR (Log Car)
UNU RS-528-LTR (Rail Speeder)
UNU RT-629-LPR (Trolley)


This content pack was initially made for Flansmod, but with MTS it has a host of new features:
Working headlights
Working Tailights
Working Turn Signals
Working Sirens


*Please note that the Vespas that are shown in the banner are only available in the Flansmod version

**If you change the .jar to .zip, then this can be used as an IR resource pack that does not require MTS


You can download the flansmod content pack here:

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