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**This mods was created by a french**


This mod adds a lot of WTF items, armor and creatures!  

And here you think it's like other mods ! You're half right ^^

BUT, I've spent a lot of time creating it, adding things that are useful for survival, structures with legendary objects, cute creatures and monsters that are more weird than others ^^

Use JEI to see how the items are crafted


Ore Dictionnary :


Here's the list of some items in my mods :




Planks Armor
Cobblestone Armor
Vanilla Sword + blaze upgrade (Fire Aspect)
Blaze Bow (Ignite mobs and place fire, bow pulls quickly )
Vanilla Mineral in nether
Redstone Sword
Multitools in all materials
Ender Pearl Crossbow (Teleport you if you hit a block, but if you hit an entity, it teleports in the air)
Glove in vanilla materials (+Redstone)
Slingshot (throws pebbles <3 )
Redstone Armor (customisable chestplate with dispenser)
CrossBow (like a bow with little durability)
Bone Saber
Rotten Flesh with seed (for cooking)
Redstone torch Sword
Emerald Armor (Defense higher than diamond armor)
Obsidian Armor (A very profitable armor with CRAZY durability )
Prismarine Helmet (+Water Beathing)
Cactus Juice
Renforced Dirt (We can brindle it to create farmlands that will not break if we jump on it)
Cactus Feeder (If you have cactus juice in your inventory, Sneak, you will have a saturation effect)
Shulker Obsidian (longer to break)
Blaze Igniter (Ignite entities and the arrow if you send them below)
Shulker Armor
Light Machine (If you make a right click on it with a blaze rod and it rains, the lightning will get fall!)
Wood Lamp (same brightness as the Glowstone)
Painting Block (W.I.P.)
Shulker Ring (gives you a levitation effect if you right click)
Ender Eye Rod (Used as a lighter to access the Free End (endstone bricks))
Ender Gem (Ore in the end)
Ender Gem Sword
Ender Gem Armor (Magic Capacity)
Shulker Table (Decoration)
Machine Block (for crafts)
Rain Machine (If you make right click with a prismarine shine, it rains, and if on the contrary, you do right click with a prismarine crystal, no rain^^)
Kuko (Mineral in overworld)
A set of kuko tools + Blaze Upgrade for Sword
Kuko Armor (Magic Capacity)
NEWS BIOMES : Hoaky Forest and Stone Forest
We can find new creature and new tree, takes leaves ;)
Thanks to the Hoaky leaves, you can craft shrubs that will give you fruit (Banana, Kuko Fruit, Lemon et  Magic Fruit (To make magic powder))
ARMOR ACTIVATOR (Activate Magic Effects of  Magic Armor)





The mods was based on Mod Bio X, it's a very old mod that has unfortunately been removed by its creator, I still add other stuff to the mods which gives a pretty satisfying remake


This mod was made with Mcreator




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