Better with Harder Steel Recipe

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When playing Better With Mods and you have the HarderSteelRecipe enabled crafting a simple stone button becomes a task that involves going to The End to get Endstone that is required to make Ender Slag and a whole slew of other items so you can eventually make a stone cutter to make the stone button. This mod gets rid of that effect, and allows you to craft a stone button by making button clay, forming that into an unfired stone button and then finally cooking that to get a stone button.


Currently this is all that the mod provides. I see no reason to circumvent the other recipes provided by Better With Mods as they are all easily craftable compared to the asinine sequence involved with the stone button.



See the wiki for the amazing recipes! 


This mod is now coded in standard McJty-Style.



If we begin to add features to this then I'll revisit the 1.11.2 version and recode it as well.



Because we all like the steel recipes but don't like some of the changes that comes with it, to include even the HCRedstone and possibly even the HCLumber, I am willing to take requests that give an alternative to some of the insane recipes for more sensible ones. 


When you do submit your request I want you to consider that BWM is a slow progression mod at its core not a Windmill Technology mod. Therefore, submit your requests show with an easier progression chain than that being forced upon us. 


An example would be the Piston requires a soul urn, let's replace that with a piston rod that is crafted with 3 iron ingots vertical in the center with slime on the sides. This iron rod would go where the original iron ingot went in the piston recipe. <--- recipe not  yet added


Yes you can use my mod in your pack.

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