Better Magnets

41,478 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 1, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Give this magnet mod a try and you will wonder how you ever used anything else!


Key Features:

  1. Works as Bauble
  2. Can enable/disable with keybind, and get feedback in chat on which you just did.
  3. Instantly sucks items into your inventory, none of that slow pulling mechanic!
  4. Anti-Magnet block to stop items from being sucked up in an area.
  5. Anti-Magnet item to disable other players' magnets!
  6. Supports Demagnetize, a REALLY good mod for canceling out magnets for automation. Highly recommend it.


Adds tiered magnets that work just like the magnet(s) added in Quantum Flux, Practicalities, Genetics Reborn, and Kitchen Sink.

There are 5 tiers, and each instantly sucks items into your inventory if within its range. (And XP orbs!) The range of each tier is configurable. Check out the wiki linked above if you are still confused.


It also adds a block to negate the effect of the magnets so automation that drops items in the world will still work.


Disable/enable suction mode by shift right-clicking the magnet or using keybind 'M' by default. 

Each magnet also works as a Bauble if the mod is installed.


Due to how small this mod is I will go ahead and keep it maintained! Huge update just pushed out, v1.11 did a few things!

  • No more dupe bug!
  • Chat message will indicate if you just enabled or disabled the magnet when using the key bind!
  • New Anti Magnet Item form! Disables the magnet(s) of whoever is holding it! (Their magnet can suck it off the ground, which will cause it to immediately be disabled ;D)
  • All recipes are now JSON (aka easily changeable)

~If you wanna donate some mining hashes or bitcoin to me for whatever reason my address is "32z6L9bzkUeagejdtzLSLqM8wgbdE2UiCe". 



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