Better Compass


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Better Compass lets you set your compass wherever you want!


1.12.2/1.13.2 - requires FORGE

1.14 - requires FABRIC


Simply right click with a normal compass to set it's position. By default compass will face towards the world spawn as usual.


If you would prefer a new item rather than overwriting the vanilla compass, there's a config option to enable the "Homing Compass" item.


You can simply put your compass in a crafting bench to clear the link.



showCustomLocationText - Default True - Should the "Custom Location" text appear on the compass tooltip?
showLocationInfoText - Default False - Should the compass' linked location show on the tooltip?
allowCompassInAllDimensions - Default False - Should the compass work in all dimensions? In vanilla, the compass only works in the overworld.

compassActivateType - Default RIGHT_CLICK - When should the compass activate?
RIGHT_CLICK - When right clicking a block
SNEAK - When sneaking and right clicking a block
REQUIRE_EMPTY - When right clicking a block with an unlinked compass
Use Homing Compass Instead - Default False - Should a separate item be created rather than overwriting the vanilla compass item.



For limitation and issues, check out the Q&A below.

If you find a bug or crash, please leave a detailed issue in the issue tracker on github






Does this work in the Nether/End/Other Dimensions?

Not by default, but there's a config option to turn this on.


Why doesn't it work in Item frames?

Vanilla doesn't either


Does this work client/server sided only?

No, the mod must be installed both on the client and server for it to work


Does this work with other mods that use/mess with the compass?

It should, let me know if it doesn't


Does this work with Texture/Resource/Data packs?




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