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Bee Better adds in a lot of new features related to Bees! Requires the Fabric Loader and Fabric API.




Liquid Honey

This golden goodness always tasted great, and now you can swim in it too! Better Bees adds a fluid block for honey, as well as a bucket to hold it with. 

The crafting recipe is simple, and you can put the items in any order:

Now you can have a pool party with your buzzy friends!



Shearing hives full of honey will normally give you Honeycomb, but now also gives flakes of Beeswax!

Pictured: the results of a single shearing


Wax can be compressed into Compressed Wax, or made into a block.

Other uses for Beeswax are coming in the future, such as candles.


Bee Stingers

Bees can now drop their stingers, which can be used as a primitive weapon (along with an advancement!)


New Hive Types

Bee Hives can now be made of any wood type! The vanilla one is the Oak Beehive. If you have another mod installed that adds a new wood type, chances are it also has a beehive.
You may also notice a hive made of Bricks, those are Bee Bricks. Bee Bricks act like a hive, but can only hold a single Bee. Every new day, if no Bee is inside or nearby, a new Bee is created inside.

Bee Hives can be upgraded to Apiaries, which can hold twice as many Bees as a wooden Hive, and twice as much Honey!


Bee Better was built for Fabric under the MIT license.