Batty's SSP UHC Mod

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Batty's SSP UHC

Practice Minecraft UltraHardcore in Single-player

In UltraHardcore mode, as created by SBK_x_SiiLeNcE as a Multiplayer Server mod, and as a Bukkit Server mod by Ghowden, you do not regain health by having a near-full hunger bar. The only ways to regain health are eating golden apples or health potions.

In addition, the recipes for golden apples and health potions have been modified to make them more challenging. Ghasts' rare drop of Ghast Tears is replaced by Gold Ingots.

For these mods, see and

This mode of play has been popularised by members of the Mindcrack server, and many games are hosted regularly in communities, notably

Batty's SSP UHC Mod makes this mode of play available to SinglePlayer Minecraft, particularly for those wanting to practice their skills ready for Multiplayer contests.


  • There are no controls. When this mod is installed, your games will be in UHC mode


Batty's SSP UHC mod makes changes to these Minecraft internal classes:

  • CraftingManager
  • FoodStats
  • RecipesFood
  • EntityGhast

It will conflict with any other mods that you install which modify the same classes.

Optifine does not touch these classes, and so should be completely compatible.

Similarly, it is compatible with my other mods Batty's UI and Batty's Coordinates.


This is a very basic mod and is installed either by editing the Minecraft.jar or by using apps e.g. MagicLauncher, MultiMC

editing Minecraft.jar

  • open the Minecraft.jar with an appropriate tool (e.g. WinRAR, 7-zip)
  • delete the META-INF folder
  • open the zip file that you downloaded containing my mod
  • copy all of the zip file contents
  • paste the zip file contents into the Minecraft.jar, replacing the classes in the minecraft.jar with the equivalent classes from the zip file
  • run Minecraft from the modified jar

using MagicLauncher

  • Add Batty's SSP UHC as an external mod to a MagicLauncher profile
  • Find the zip file that you downloaded.
  • Run as normal.


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