Axes Are Weapons (Fabric/(Neo)Forge)

Axes Are Weapons

Found your axes break too fast in combat? Annoyed you can't get Looting on it? Then this is the mod for you!

Axes normally lose 2 durability points when hitting things because they are considered a mining tool, not a weapon.

This mod makes axes lose only 1 durability point, just like swords.
It also enables Looting for axes, while Knockback, Fire Aspect and modded sword enchantments can be enabled in the config.
By default, damage enchantments (Sharpness, Smite and Bane of the Arthropods) will now also appear in the Enchanting Table, so you won't have to rely on books.

The config has more (by default disabled) options like fast Cobweb breaking and "All Tools Are Weapons", which allows to configure which tools or items should be considered weapons.

  • for Minecraft 1.16-1.20
  • requires Cloth Config
  • works mostly server-only - fast Cobweb breaking will only work when the client has the mod and enabled the setting too

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