Avaritia Additions


Avaritia has been updated and has fully ported everything from 1.7.10, this mod will no longer be updated, if updating to the newest Avaritia and removing Additions you WILL loose all your work, this includes scripts with minetweaker, blocks/items in game, etc. Use at your own risk.


Avaritia is required for Avaritia Additions to load.


There is no JEI support currently for the Compressor. To get a singularity just place the block type of the singularity into a compressor and it will indicate how much is needed to make 1.
Ex. for a Copper singularity place in a copper block, iron - iron block, gold - gold block. The blocks cannot be chisel blocks.


What is Avaritia Additions?

Basically it adds in most of the items and blocks that arnt available in the 1.10.2 version.

These are items, (and some decoration blocks) that are used for very high end/end game utilities. These are used for any Avaritia crafting table to substitute for like almost to impossible to get items. It makes it so its not game breaking, for anything op :D (im looking at you DE) You can use them and change their recipes to be incredibly hard to give players a challenge and make it funner than a regular kitchen sink pack.

Avaritia Additions also adds back the Compressor and collectors! So you can make singularities with it


Tools and Armor are available in v1.4+

Download Avaritia from here: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/avaritia-1-10

All credit for this mod goes to the original developers or Avaritia! 


Want to add some recipes to the compressor? use this:

mods.avaritiaadditions.Compressor.add(output, amount, input);

output is what will be made, amount is how much input is needed for 1 output, input is what goes in



~Note some items like the Endest Pearl currently do not have the functionality that they did in 1.7.10 due to 1.10.2 rendering


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