Artificial diamonds. Some blocks and recipes!

4,820 Downloads Last Updated: May 6, 2016 Game Version: 1.9

Please, read the description, there is an important information about updating of the mod.


This mod adds new material -- Artificial diamond. From this material you can craft new armour and tools that will not be worse than a classic diamond armor.

You should find full recipe below the news of update!


Update 07.05.2016

Updated to 1.9 version. Only demo classic mod temporarily.

Now recipe easier than before. (At the images incorrect names, but the way is right)

Certainly, you can craft coal block using charcoal!






Put CO2 block in the oven and get artificial diamond.



4. Get natural diamond





Update 14.02.2016

File "Artificial Diamonds. Packed CO2 Update" may be under review

At first i had complicated the craft of artificial diamond. Now you have to:

1. After other preparations you need to craft Packed CO2 Block using Carbon Block

2. Then you craft Artificial Diamond

About Packed CO2 Block:

If you start destroy it, touch or jump on block, it will explode. Also it can destroy blocks under water!

You can find Packed CO2 block under ground or in the caves, but you will not be able to get it because it explodes by the touch.

Full recipe (It works only on the lastest version of the mod!)


1.  For fual put any coal

2.  Carbon block craft

3. Craft Packed CO2 Block using Carbon Block




4. Then you craft Artificial Diamond




To  create tools/weapons or armour you need to use artificial diamonds. You can craft them using classic minecarft recipes, but using only new material.


Dry ice is a new block which has gravity and particles surrounding it. You can use it for Ice Sword craft.




2. To craft ice sword you need dry ice ingot. You can just destroy dry ice block, but you will get only 1 ingot. BUT


3. To craft ice sword you need to use classic minecraft recipe but with using dry ice ingot.


New Quartz recipe and other new recipes update 07.02.2016!


At first, you need to craft Silicium


At last, you craft quartz!


Other new recipes!



Snow from simple ice



Coal block craft with using Charcoal




And you can craft Quartz Sword using quartz and classic minecraft recipe!


I hope you will enjoy my mod!



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